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Testimonials _____________________________________________________________________________________________
"I cant` believe the change in my son. He`s respectful, unafraid, and a straight "A" student. I am glad I
found Master Abruzzi."
- Mrs. F.
"...My life is great now. I wish I started years ago."
- Mike D.
"...It`s never too late. I started when I was 57. I will get my Black Belt by 60."
- Chuck P.
"...I lost 28 pounds and feel great!"
- Karen G.
"...I was 18 and just starting college. Now after 6 months of training I walk around campus without fear."
- Shari D.
"My son and daughter get along great since they have been taking karate."
- Kim L.
"Master Abruzz`s daily nutritional advise changed the way my entier family eats. My son lost 17 pounds and
I lost 26 pounds. We all feel and look great. Thank you "Sir".
- Joyce K.