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Question of the Week: Mainstream _____________________________________________________________________________________________
3.06.17 What is the hardest substance in your body?
3.13.17 What color is a hippos sweat?
3.20.17 Where is the heart of a shrimp located in its body?
3.27.17 Almonds are a member of the _____ family?
4.3.17 How many ridges does a dime have on its edge?
4.10.17 How many different ways can you make change for a dollar?
4.17.17 Which state in the US has only one syllable?
4.24.17 What letter means the speed of light?
5.1.17 What year was the declaration of independence signed?
5.8.17 What is a volcano scientist called?
5.15.17 What is the fear of fun called?
5.22.17 What is a flock of crows called?
5.29.17 How many noses does a slug have?
6.5.17 If Olivia bumps her funny bone, what joint does she hit?
6.12.17 What is the official language of Australia?
6.19.17 What number is exactly between 1 and 7 on a number line?
6.26.17 What is the most abundant element in the universe?
7.3.17 The oriole is the official bird of what US state?
7.10.17 What is the heaviest land animal?
7.17.17 What is the capital of Sweden?
7.24.17 Which is larger, Jupiter or Earth?