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2020 Questions Of The Week
01.01.20 The remains of an animal that lived long ago is called a__________?
01.06.20 A female tiger is called a ________________?
01.13.20 Where is the tallest roller coaster built?
01.20.20 What are the three colors of the Mexican flag?
01.27.20 Who discovered the law of gravity?
02.03.20 Magnets have two poles. (Ends) What are they called?.
02.10.20 ----?---- Is the ordinary pattern of weather in a region of the world.
02.17.20 What is the largest Ocean on Earth?
02.24.20 A doctor who fixes broken and dislocated bones is called an_______?
03.02.20 Who invented the elevator?
03.09.20 What is a Hare?
03.16.20 Whose picture is on the one dollar bill?
03.23.20 What is money called in Japan?.
04.06.20 Name an instrument that produces its sound from strings?
04.13.20 The capital of Russia is called_____?
04.20.20 A plant that stops growing and may look dead in the fall, but comes back year after year is called a_____?
04.27.20 Where is the largest city in the world? Tokyo,
05.04.20 What state has the largest population in the US?
05.11.20 Sound is measured in_____?
05.18.20 Who was the first American astronaut to orbit Earth?
05.25.20 What was the name of the first shuttle launched into space?
06.01.20 Who takes over If our president dies, while in office?
06.08.20 Who was the Third president of the United States?
06.15.20 What is the highest court in the United States called?
06.22.20 What is the Japanese art of paper folding called?
06.29.20 The air you breath is what percent oxygen?
07.06.20 What are baby bears called?
07.17.20 How many Kidneys do you have?
07.20.20 What do pigs do to stay cool?
07. 27.20 What famous person made the speech, I HAVE A DREAM?
08.03.20 What is the largest bone in your body called?
08.10.20 What food can never spoil?
08.17.20 Sliced bread was invented in?
08.24.20 What are baby bears called?
09.07.20 Your skull is made up of how many separate bones?
0914.20 There are more _______in the world than any other bird?
09.20.20 What country is the leading grower of Apples?
09. 21 20 Do snakes have taste buds?
09.28.20 What are baby pigs called?
10..05.20 What country is the largest producer of cheese?
10.12.20 How many teeth does an elephant have?
10..19.20 A group of owls is called?
10.26.20 What are baby Tigers called?
11.02.20 The cucumber originally comes from what country?
11.09.20 Who was the first astronaut to play golf on the moon?
11.16.20 What is the softest metal in the world?
11.23.20 What was the first item to have its bar code scanned in a retail store?
11.30.20 What are baby rabbits called?
12.07 20 A can of cola typically contains how many teaspoons of sugar?
12.14.20 What are tomatoes fruit or vegetables?
12.21.20 What are baby sheep called?