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Meet Grand Master Michael V. Abruzzi _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Grand Master Michael V. Abruzzi, a 10th Degree Black Belt
is recognized by the World's Marital Arts Congress, located in
Washington, D.C. our nation's Capitol. As owner and chief
instructor of Golden Tiger Karate, Grand Master Abruzzi is
celebrating Thirty-one years of community service in North
Brunswick, N.J. With over three decades of experience, he is a
teacher of teachers. Traveling around the United States, speaking
at seminars for Karate school and health club owners, guiding
them down a path of fresh innovative, positive, result producing,
modern instructional methods. '2 minutes can change your life',
workshops based on his award winning book, have motivated and
inspired many to live an abundant, joyful, life. Much of Grand Master Abruzi's writing is published and quoted
at national conferences throughout the country. A personal development professional, his breakthrough self-image
changing programs have transformed the future of thousands. Turning nonreaders into readers in less than a,
month, directing permanent weight loss in men, women and teens. Creating an ever growing group of healthy, fit,
smoke free, drug free advocates leading long, joyful, prosperous lives, constantly giving back to build a better
world, and all emanating from a self developed harmony of mind, body, spirit, emotion and home environment, as
taught by Grand Master Abruzzi.
His work includes:
1. The Straight Up Program - As an originator and current counselor of the North Brunswick Police,
'Straight Up' Program, Master Abruzzi has helped many troubled youths find a new direction in life. Working
with juvenile offenders and their parents, master Abruzzi's stern method of putting the responsibility directly
where it lies, has returned miraculous results. He is recognized by New Jersey's past Governor Whitman, North
Brunswick's mayor and the police commissioner. Since the beginning 'Straight Up' has shown an 85 percent
success rate, thanks to his knowledge and insight.
2. The Police Death, Retirement, Widows, and Orphans Fund - Grand Master Abruzzi, the staff and student
body of Golden Tiger Karate raised $27,000 to build a marble monument, at the entrance of the North Brunswick
Police station. Commemorating those, who gave their lives while protecting the community. The project, requiring
two years to complete, culminated with the dedication of the monument and a traffic stopping parade. Everlasting,
the landmark is a memento of his commitment to helping others. Master Abruzzi received the highest civilian
award given by the Police to individuals demonstrating superior community contribution-a lifetime 'Silver Card
Of Honor'.
3. The North Brunswick Adult Education Program - For seven years, Master Abruzzi has been invited to
teach the adults of North Brunswick, self-defense and mental awareness. His knowledge filled, high-spirited
class, wins awards for its significant rate of retention and pragmatic content. This year marks the beginning of
a new course offering. Master Abruzzi will teach those interested. 'How to become a professional writer.'
4. A Feature Magazine Article Writer - Reaching over 160,000 readers each month Master Abruzzi is a
feature article writer for 'Inside Karate Magazine', 'Kick Magazine', and 'Men's Health Magazine'. His work
includes: Personal development concepts, martial arts' topics, motivational insight, success planning, better
parenting and renewed relationships. His 'Q' and 'A' syndicated newspaper column on health and fitness is a
favorite among its readers.
5. An Author - His third book, '2 Minutes Can Change Your Life', has helped many; guiding them to a
course of self-reliance. A survival guide for the 21st century, '2 Minutes' reveals to its readers that a
harmony created between your mind, body, spirit, and personal environment directs you to a life filled with joy,
success and prosperity. '2 Minutes Can Change Your Weight', his fourth book is changing the lives of many
readers. Teaching them to eat well, be well and enjoy life, again.
6. A Major Contributor To K.D.O.O.A. - Grand Master Abruzzi has been a major contributor to the Chuck
Norris, 'Kick Drugs Out Of America' campaign for the last four years. Traveling around the country, he supports
the foundation with fund raising efforts, expert advice and personal appearances.
7. The Chief Instructor Of Golden Tiger Karate, North Brunswick, NJ - Grand Master Abruzzi mentored
thousands of men, women, teens, and children toward a triumphant lifestyle following the path of martial arts
training, in his teaching career. Not only changing the lives of his students but touching the lives of
generations to come.
8. President of H.A.N.K.'S (Help A Needy Kid) - Grand Master Abruzzi is president of this 22 year old
non-profit organization. Helping disabled children meet their health and well being needs when insurance
companies do not cover the particular essentials.
• Training seminar and motivational keynote speaker.
• BA Business Administration, from Rutgers University, with minor study in Psychology, Philosophy,
Teaching and Physical Education.
• Master Karate Instructor, tenth Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do- As recognized by the Worlds Martial
Arts Congress, with 30 years of experience in the arts.
• The originator of TAI-YOGA™ a Martial Art producing a life balance of strong muscles, healthy body,
perfect balance and a clear, stress-free mind.
• Feature magazine article writer, syndicated health and fitness columnist.
• Author of a new 344 page book, '2 Minutes Can Change Your Life'.
• Certified personal master trainer since 1984.
• North Brunswick Adult Education Self-Defense Instructor.
• Thirty-one years of successful, professional Karate school operation.
• Holder of 47 U.S. copyrights and one U.S. patent.
• Master Reading Educator.
• Weight and Stress Management Expert.
• Habit Secession facilitator.
• Personal Development Professional.
• Specialty certificates in Personal Training, Strength Training, Weight Loss and Management, Senior
Fitness Programs, Aerobic Excercise, Child Reading Development.
• Professional writing instructor.
Michael V. Abruzzi, 'The 2 Minute Life Balance Coach.'
Grand Master Michael V. Abruzzi is available for:
• Speaking Engagements And Book Signings Nationwide By Arrangement.
• "2 Minute Life" Balance Coaching-Training For Your Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotion. On Location,
Telephone, and Via Internet.
• Fen Shui Mapping Of Your Home And Office.
• Group Martial Arts lessons: Tae Kwon Do, Fitness Kickboxing, Tai-Yoga, Real Life Self-Defense, Stress
• Writing Assignments.
• Private consultation In: Fitness, Motivation, Family Problems, Reading Challenges, Business Management,
Personal Development and Addiction Succession, as a coach and guide.
• Personal Training.
• '2 Minute Can Change Your Life' Training Seminars And Workshops.
• '2 Minute' Program Implementation Into Your Home, School Or Business.
• Radio And Television Appearances Nationwide By Arrangement And Via Telephone.