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Frequently Asked Questions _____________________________________________________________________________________________
What is Tae Kwon Do?
Tae Kwon Do is a Martial art founded in the country of Korea. Functionally it is unique because it
proscirbes the use of 80% feet and 20% hands in your defense.
Why should Self Defense be important to me?
We are the only living creatures on Earth that were not given an instinctive means of defending ourselves.
Martial Arts as taught by Master Abruzzi gives the knowledge you need to ward off attackers, from
yourself, family and friends.
What else can I expect to learn, while attending your school?
Master Abruzzi uses the art of Tae Kwon Do as a vehicle to teach: focus, confidence, self reliance,
healthful eating habits, good character, public speaking, goal setting, a love of learning, respect for
yourself and others, stress and anger management and an imprved self image.
How does the pratice of Tae Kwon Do lead to better health?
Master Abruzzi is an exercise professional specialist. Each class delivers a fusin of Cardio vascular
training, breathing exercises, stretching and strengthening techniques, balance coordination, while
finishing in meditation to reduce stress.
What makes Golden Tiger Karate different from other schools?
Two words-Master Abruzzi. His unique style of blending traditional training with 21st century technology
ranks him among the top instructors in the country. With 30 plus years experience as a teacher he is
admired by many.
Do I have to commit to an annual contract with a large down payment to attend Golden Tiger
No. A special introductory, get acquainted, program is offered allowing you to be sure that you want to
practice Martial Arts, for a longer term.
I hear many schools are "Belt Mills," testing under qualified students just to generate testing fees.
Is your school like that?
Totally the opposite. Rewarding students for mediocrity is common in the Martial Arts industry. But not at
Golden Tiger Karate. Students work toward and achieve a Black Belt based on their individual progress,
pratice and hard work.
What life lesson is taught by such traditional training?
Students are better prepared for trhe real world. They understand they can achieve any goal through
pratice, patience and hard work. So when they decide on a career they can simply plug in the success
model they learned at Golden Tiger Karate and become anything they desire.